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The feedback we hear and again and again:

'I had a blast'


'How soon can we do it again?'

Thank you!! The feeling is 100% mutual. 

In addition to being a ton of fun, when you tune in we offer a sweet discount code for your order!


New to Live shopping?

We would LOVE for you to join us! It is super easy!

1. Head over to @shopladyco on Instagram at the start time - it is very open-house in style - feel free to come late or leave early as life needs you. It's a party and you are definitely invited.

2. You'll find our fab team greeting you. We'll explain any details applicable to that day (discount codes, shipping, any promotions, etc).

3. You can find everything shown in the Live under the "shop our LIVES" section of our website. We've created a collection for each live sale so you can easily find your favorite items.

4. Feel free to ask questions, our team is ready and waiting to help! We love to talk about how clothes fit or feel (we know online shopping can be hard, consider us your personal consultants for the duration of our Live).

5. Is there something online you want to see? Let us know in the comments. Chances are we'd probably be pretty excited to show it off! We'll either answer your questions live or one of our team members will get an answer to you in the comment section.

6. That's it! It is really fun and we'd love to see you! If it is your very first Live, don't worry! You'll quickly catch on as you see others comment and shop.

7. Make sure you apply any discounts we're offering! Before you know it, your wonderful new items will be in your mailbox.  

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. xo Abby and Reese